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Tanks on Demand Order Form

How to Get Started

  • Fill out the order form below 

  • Using the information provided, ERA will generate a standard contract and send it to you to review and sign

  • We will contact you within 1-2 business days of receiving the signed contract to collect payment details

  • You will receive instructions for logging into your software account 7-10 business days after we have processed your payment. The instructions will be sent to the email you entered in the order form below and will include the following: link to the software, user account ID, step-by-step guide for setting your password, and a link to ERA's Tanks on Demand training video library.

Software License Lease

By signing up for ERA’s Tanks on Demand Module using the order form below, you agree to the following payment terms and schedule:
  • A ONE YEAR commitment to the software lease for a grand total of $8,995 USD, paid annually or in monthly installments by credit card

  • Initial payment submission prior to the implementation of the project—access to the software will only be provided once payment is received

  • For monthly payments, a 5% processing fee

Tanks on Demand Order Form

Fill in the fields below to request a Tanks on Demand contract to your specifications

What's Included in Your Package

  • 8 hours of live training to cover:
    • Entering product specification and blends data
    • Configuring tank parameter settings
    • Manually entering and/or uploading usage/throughput data
    • Configuring and generating reports
    • NOTE that training sessions must be held in English between 8 AM and 5 PM EST via web conference

  • One named user account

  • 1-year access to ERA's cloud-hosted Tanks on Demand database for 1 site location

  • 1-year access to ERA's Tanks Management Module and Standard Reporting

  • 1-year access to ERA's Master Chemical and Regulatory List with 200,000+ chemicals and associated regulations

  • 1 GB of data for source setups

  • An unlimited number of tanks

  • Access to a comprehensive TRAINING VIDEO and HELP FILE LIBRARY to satisfy your every e-training need

Annual Maintenance

ERA is proud to never version its software. We maintain a single platform and never charge you for upgrading you to the newest version. This commitment entails incorporating an annual maintenance fee into the lease dedicated to covering:

  • New and ongoing developments of software capabilities and reports

  • Increases in the cost of maintaining the required SQL and Microsoft licenses

  • The cost of software maintenance and hosting

  • The maintenance and adjustment of ERA's employees salaries to keep up with inflation and the rising cost of living

  • Research into regulatory updates and their implementation into the software

Video Training Included

ERA makes it easy for you to start generating Tanks emission reports quickly by granting you access to a comprehensive training video and help file library that satisfies your every e-learning need.

Hardware Requirements

In order to guarantee the best processing times when using ERA’s Tanks on Demand Module, we recommend an i5 CPU (or equivalent), 16 GB RAM memory, and a good HDD with at least 20 GB of available space.