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SDS on Demand Order Form

How to Get Started

  1. Fill out the order form below

  2. We will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days to collect payment details
    1. Payment options: credit card, check, or ACH
    2. Note that payments by credit card incur a 3.5% processing fee not included in the prices shown above. Any bank fees for ACH (direct deposit) are to be paid by the client.

  3. You will receive your software access account information 2-3 business days after your payment is processed/received.

  4. Your access account information will be sent to the email indicated in your order form and will include the following: link to the software, user account ID, step-by-step guide for setting your password, and a link to ERA's SDS on Demand training video library.

  5. If you require your logo to be displayed on your final SDS document(s), please email your logo to GHS_support@era-ehs.com. Our team will take care of loading it into the system.

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

If you have a few SDS to author in a short time frame, you can purchase a bundle of SDS or labels and get them authored online over the course of a few days, without downloads or commitments.


*Package A, B, and C must be used within 3 months of initial purchase
*Package D must be used within 6 months of initial purchase

If you regularly need a small number of SDS or labels each month, an annual subscription package is the way to go. Our subscription packages provide the lowest cost per SDS or label, making it the most cost-effective GHS compliance option.


*Packages E, F, and G must be used within 1 year of initial purchase

SDS on Demand Order Form

Fill in the fields below to request a Tanks on Demand contract to your specifications

Included In Your Package

  • 1 named user account (non-transferable)

  • SDS Authoring tool with automation logic for all 16 sections

  • Label generation tool for HazMat, OSHA, and WHMIS labels

  • ERA's Master Chemical and Regulatory List with regulatory information for over 200,000 chemicals, maintained by ERA's in-house chemists

  • Access to ERA's e-learning video library

  • IT support for technical errors or issues in the operation of the software

  • NOTE: Each SDS can include up to 20 chemical CAS

Live Training

Make the most out of ERA's automated authoring solution for GHS-compliant SDS with tailored user experience support from one-on-one live web training facilitated by ERA scientists.

  • Training on data upload and data entry (including manual entry of complex mixtures/blends)

  • Training on generating SDS and GHS-compliant labels

  • Review and analysis of your project by experienced scientists

  • Label generation tool for HazMat, OSHA, and WHMIS labels

  • Q&A session on features for GHS hazard classification

Live training is available in English Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST for only USD 120/hour. ERA recommends purchasing at least 2 hours.

Expert SDS Consulting

Whenever you need access to expert knowledge or advice, ERA's team of experienced chemists is there to help. Purchase consulting hours for answers to all your GHS-related questions and the confidence that your SDS are properly authored.

  • GHS, OSHA, CLP, OH&S, and UN "Purple Book" interpretation

  • Review of industry-specific and country-specific requirements (e.g. inventories, permissible exposure limits, etc.)

  • Advice on why your products have certain classifications and clarification as to which chemical components contribute to those classifications

  • Assistance with special cases or unique scenarios for UN shipping compliance

  • Guidance on whether your product needs an SDS or is otherwise regulated based on its components and distribution

  • Validation of your SDS and classifications for total peace of mind

Consulting appointments are available in English Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST for only USD 180/hour.

Hardware Requirements

In order to guarantee the best processing times when using ERA’s SDS on Demand Module, we recommend an i5 CPU (or equivalent), 16 GB RAM memory, and a good HDD with at least 20 GB of available space.