SDS Authoring Software on Demand

Easy online SDS Authoring for business and budgets of any size - no long-term contract, complicated implementation process, or chemical expertise required.

What Every SDS on Demand Package Offers You

No matter the package you choose, you will have the quickest authoring platform and the most knowledgeable support base at your fingertips... all for a fraction of the cost of an enterprise solution.

Start authoring full 16-section SDS and labels in one of 50+ languages, in accordance with your country's specific regulations, and under 30 minutes today!

  • Built-in regulatory lists and custom blend builder

  • Comprehensive training video and help file library for start-up and issue resolution

  • Guidance on data entry, regulation interpretation, assistance with special cases, and more expert advice

  • Flexible, short-term contracts ideal for SMEs

SDS and Label Authoring - No Contract On Demand Options

*Packages A, B, C, and D have no time limit to complete the SDS project in the software. Prices in USD.

Package A



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored: 1

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Package B



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored: 5

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Package C



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored: 10

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Package D



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored: 25

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SDS and Label Authoring Subscription - One-Year Commitment Plans
[Monthly Payment Option]

*Packages E, F, and G must be used within 1 year of initial purchase. Prices in USD.

Package E



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 5

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Package F



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 10

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Package G



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 25

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More than 25 SDS per month or 300 annually.

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SDS and Label Authoring Subscription - One-Year Commitment Plans
[Annual Payment Option]

*Packages E, F, and G must be used within 1 year of initial purchase. Prices in USD.

Package E - Annual



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 5

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Package F - Annual



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 10

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Package G - Annual



Number of SDS/CPDS and Labels Authored Per Month: 25

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Generate your SDS in 30 minutes or less

SDS on demand_Step1
Enter your chemical component information
SDS on demand_Step2
Select the appropriate template for your country regulations and language
SDS on demand_Step3
View, download, and share digital/hard copies of your SDS or label

Have a product and need an updated SDS? Look no further.

Whenever you create a new product or update an existing formulation, it’s your responsibility to provide your workforce and clients an updated SDS and label. ERA’s SDS Authoring on Demand is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to keep those SDSs current.

SDS on Demand is perfect for companies that:

  • Author a small number of SDS or labels each year

  • Have inconsistent SDS needs month-after-month

  • Do not want to be locked into a long-term contract

  • Operate under a flexible and agile manufacturing strategy



Create Custom Chemical Blends & Formulations

ERA's blend/formulation builder gives you a full list of the primary chemicals in your final product, as well as their percent contribution. The tool then calculates the mixture's final chemical and physical properties based on the formulation.

Now, you can generate an SDS for the most complex, custom blends.

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

If you have a few SDS to author in a short time frame, you can purchase a bundle of SDS or labels and get them authored online over the course of a few days, without downloads or commitments.

If you regularly need a small number of SDS or labels each month, an annual subscription package is the way to go. Our subscription packages provide the lowest cost per SDS or label, making it the most cost-effective GHS compliance option.

 The preferred payment method of SDS on Demand is via credit card. The pricing listed on our website and order form is only applicable when payment for the SDS on Demand package or services are paid via credit card.  If an invoice needs to be created and payment submission is via check or ACH there is a 10% administrative fee that will be applied to the total amount due.  It is also important to note that access to the software will only be provided once payment is received.

Why Our Clients Love SDS on Demand

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The people at ERA outperform every other vendor […] Their software is user-friendly once learned and the finished product is great. ERA has gone over and above the call when it comes to providing us the tools to create a finished technical document with the appearance that helps to make our brand shine.

Steve Cooper

A.G. Layne Inc.

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ERA consultants are very responsive and interested in helping you with any issues. Once chemicals are added to your inventory, generating SDSs is very quick and straightforward!

flow scientific log
Amber Shukaliak

Flow Scientific

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It’s like having an expert partner in compliance. The staff and scientists at ERA are the secret to success — they are true experts and help us along every step of the way.

Howard Clement

Lozier Corporation

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With more than 500 unique products to manage, we needed an efficient and effective solution for creating compliant domestic and international SDSs and labels. ERA has been a valuable partner, helping us save time and providing peace of mind knowing we comply with the most current regulations[…] . The ERA team has supported us throughout the training and implementation process.

Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC_ERASDSClient
Mak Joshi

Hawk Research Laboratories Inc.

Features Designed for Simplicity and Speed

SDS on demand_video training

Courtesy Video Training

All SDS on Demand packages include a comprehensive e-learning management system with training videos and help guides.

SDS on demand_Chemical list

Built-in Regulatory Lists

ERA's built-in Master Chemical List satisfies all GHS standards. No need to purchase 3rd-part lists!

SDS on demand_Custom SDS

Custom SDS

Add essential custom elements, like your company's logo, and choose pre-made, recommended hazard phrases from our list.

SDS on demand_Language

Over 50 Supported Languages

Author your SDS in one or more of the 50+ languages available in our system.

SDS on demand_ragulation

International GHS Regulations

Author your SDS in accordance with the country-specific regulations of over 65 countries.

SDS on demand_Automation

Automation for All 16 Sections

Get a full SDS, with all 16 sections populated for you, in under 5 minutes.

Expert Advice Takes the Guesswork Out of SDS Authoring

Whenever you need access to expert knowledge or advice, ERA's team of experienced chemists is there to help.
ERA's Services
  • Live training on data upload, data entry, and SDS and label generation facilitated by ERA scientists

  • GHS, OSHA, CLP, OH&S, and UN "Purple Book" interpretation

  • Advice on why your products have certain classifications and clarification as to which chemical components contribute to those classifications

  • Assistance with special cases or unique scenarios for UN shipping compliance

  • Guidance on whether your product needs an SDS or is otherwise regulated based on its components and distribution

  • Validation of your SDS and classifications for total peace of mind